How to Use Serums - PranVeraSkincare

April 04, 2022 1 min read

Serums are a special step in your skincare routine that create serious results. 

Did you know that there are optimal ways of applying them in order to ensure they work effectively on your skin?  For starters, skin should be cleansed thoroughly, patted dry with a clean towel then balanced with toner to set the stage for your serum.  Without skin that is prepared properly, serums are not able to fully absorb and work their magic. 

When applying your serum, dispense one to two pumps into clean hands or fingertips and gently spread and pat it into the skin until fully absorbed.  Never dispense your serum directly from the pump onto the face; this can contaminate your product and cause you to overuse it. 

After your serum is fully integrated into your skin (in about 30 seconds), then it is time to apply other products like your eye cream, moisturizer, sunscreen and cosmetics.