ABOUT - PranVeraSkincare



I am so thrilled to share my exclusive skincare line with you! As a New York licensed esthetician and owner of Facials by Bonnie in New York City, it has been a lifelong dream to create a line that cares for all skin types but works especially well for those individuals who struggle with acne and the signs of aging.

It is a delicate balance to support the aging process while simultaneously treating, preventing and calming breakouts. To me, the goal is to have skin that is clear, calm, hydrated and youthful while also being blemish free – and I know PRANVERA will help you achieve this goal.

PRANVERA has been designed with my New York City clients in mind. After years of working on skin, both in the medical and holistic sectors of the industry, I know what works – and what to avoid – when it comes to acne prone skin. Therefore, each ingredient was chosen by me, with the health of the skin as my first priority.
PRANVERA is a line that is simple, effective and skin-loving while also being results-driven.

I am pleased to say, this streamlined collection of products will take the guess-work out of your daily AM and PM skincare routine and can be incorporated into your lifestyle easily – I am here, if you have questions!

Obtaining clear, glowing skin is a process. However, with the right products and professional guidance, you will have the tools needed for your unique skincare journey. If you need a skincare line that keeps blemishes in mind while also imparting a healthy, youthful glow, then I invite you to incorporate PRANVERA into your skincare regimen today!