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Radiant Renewal Kit

This kit is perfect to make your acne-prone skin look more radiant. The cleanser, serum, face mask, lotion, and spot treatment work together to heal your skin, reduce inflammation and look healthier than ever. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an all-in-one skincare solution.

The package contains:

  • Face Reality Ultra Gentle Cleanser 6 oz
  • Face Reality Mandelic Serum 1 oz
  • PranVera Blemish Gel 1 oz
  • Face Reality Clearderma 2 oz
  • Face Reality Daily SPF 30 lotion 2 oz
  • Face Reality Sulfur Spot Treatment 1.5 oz
Face Reality Ultra Gentle Cleanser

This gentle cleanser is perfect to remove any makeup and dirt from your skin while nourishing it.

Recommended for all skin types and acne types, including acne rosacea.

Face Reality Mandelic Serum

Strong serum containing the chirally correct versions of both l-mandelic acid and l-lactic acid. Why L-Mandelic acid is good? Because it slows down epidermal penetration and results in a more even exfoliation with less irritation.

It is a water-based serum, however, it can dry your skin, so if you haven't used it yet, start with a lower %, and don't apply too much in the beginning.

It is recommended for skin prone to inflamed acne, noninflamed acne, fungal folliculitis, and hyperpigmentation.

Good option if you want to boost the 5% L-mandelic serum treatment and when having issued on the back.

PranVera Blemish Gel

Clear your skin with the PranVera blemish gel. Perfect blemish removal for breakouts, even if they are just starting to feel or on their way out. 

Don’t let breakouts get the best of you, just use PranVera Blemish Gel! Nurture your skin with known bacteria-busting and soothing ingredients. Our PranVera Blemish Gel is made with Colloidal Silver, a known enemy of bacteria, that will leave your skin looking clearer and less clogged.

Now you can have all the benefits of pimple patches, spot treatments, and repair cream in one easy-to-apply, skin-loving gel! PranVera Blemish Gel is your skincare sidekick for all stages of a breakout: clogged pores, pimples, and the healing area left behind.

Face Reality Clearderma

A lightweight and deeply moisturizing cream offering antioxidant support and oil control for acne-prone skin. Perfect for those who are getting used to benzoyl peroxide because it helps prevent their skins from becoming too dry.

Recommended for all skin types and all types of acne.

Do not use it together with Acne Med as this product will reduce its efficiency.

Face Reality Daily SPF 30 lotion

Lightweight sunscreen for UVA and UVB protection. Good for daily wear and under makeup. Absorbs quickly and leaves the skin at its regular tone - without paling it.

Recommended for all skin types and all types of acne.

Face Reality Sulfur Spot Treatment

Sulfur Spot Treatment is a gentle yet potent combination of 6% sulfur and an innovative peptide that provides an instant fix for red and inflamed acne lesions. 

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